4 December 2013


Images of work made in cast sugar recently exhibited in The Beginning of History, curated by Nick Kaplony at ASC Studios, London.

3 March 2013

A Shut in Place

A chest of drawers rendered unopenable, covered in fabric cut and fitted to echo the shape of the furniture underneath.
Essentially ‘dressed’ and concealed, it expresses a desire for secrecy.
I have become aware of traditions of dressing inanimate objects, thus fetishising them, and how this effects a reverence when encountering the object.
Layers of fabric over the furniture’s exterior wood suggests layers of psychology and psychoanalytic uncovering.
Exhibited as part of yesterday's Claustrophilia event organised by Nice Spread held at the Bussey Building, Peckham.

7 February 2013

Mexico vol. I

in the dark
in rows

I found in markets that candles of different sizes are sold. In increments of time; weekly daily, 2 weekly. In different coloured plastic cases. They are literal markers of periods of time. I bring some home and my bag is searched suspiciously at Vancouver airport. I have started to collect the remains of candles. I like that they become remnants of time. I will cast them; mixing together their colours and scents.

24 September 2012


The knives have undertones of the bodily, of use, of everyday intimacy. They talk about violence and broken families. Estate becomes a reference to inheritance of property, possessions, heirlooms passed down through generations. Familiar and domestic, they ask to be used, but the blades bend and poison the food. Their heft belies a softness and vulnerability.
Cast, they become generations of themselves, reproduced with failings each time.
They sit as relics; fetishes of family life.

1 August 2012


A drawing in pencil of a knife. I am collecting more knives for casting in lead.

24 June 2012


Images of the piece on display for RCA Show 2012 (open until next Sunday -1st July) along with the etchings.