3 March 2013

A Shut in Place

A chest of drawers rendered unopenable, covered in fabric cut and fitted to echo the shape of the furniture underneath.
Essentially ‘dressed’ and concealed, it expresses a desire for secrecy.
I have become aware of traditions of dressing inanimate objects, thus fetishising them, and how this effects a reverence when encountering the object.
Layers of fabric over the furniture’s exterior wood suggests layers of psychology and psychoanalytic uncovering.
Exhibited as part of yesterday's Claustrophilia event organised by Nice Spread held at the Bussey Building, Peckham.

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  1. Charlotte, I was just wondering if there's a place online where your work can be purchased. I tried searching, but didn't have much luck. Would love to know for the future, as I'm quickly becoming a fan, but unfortunately live an entire hemisphere away from London. Thank you!